Is there a means to get a fast solution from Facebook assistance group?

It's been numerous weeks and also numerous e-mails, still no solutions. I suspended my account due to the fact that I believed that it was hacked. I've been attempting to get it reactivated via Facebook awakening procedure. When I reach the action 2 "Send Security Code", the code never ever get sent out. I logged that trouble as a Login trouble, as a bug, as a security concern and also i never ever listened to anything from them.

2019-05-07 12:33:52
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You can upload a string below

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Also however, I would certainly not advise it yet you can attempt pirating people's demand and also see if you can get a person to email you. Be clear and also not requiring. Be straightforward too, if it is essential job sensible for you to get your Facebook account functioning once more inform them.


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where +[filter] is made use of to filter each scenario.

2019-05-08 09:31:18