When did Facebook start making use of the OAuth method?

When I last made use of Facebook authentication, it gave it's 'Facebook Connect' method which had not been always applying the open resource OAuth method today they say that they are making use of OAuth 2.0 method. When did this work? and also will Facebook Connect be dissolved?

2019-05-07 12:41:37
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They included OAuth sustain around April of 2010 to make it less complicated for 3rd - event programmers to collaborate with their website. IMHO it was a great go on their component.

While they have not (AFAIK) introduced any kind of strategies to stop Facebook Connect, they are moving on extra boldy with OAuth and also their Graph API as the new means to get points done.

Primarily, this is foregone conclusion with Facebook's dev group. They make one point, get every person to utilize it, after that understand they screwed up and also begin again, leaving the old system in position for a long time. So you're possibly secure with Facebook Connect for some time, yet it's not the course I would certainly go if I was beginning on a new application that was mosting likely to incorporate with Facebook.

2019-05-09 06:53:04

April 21, 2010. See : The Next Evolution of Facebook Platform

We've additionally made it a lot easier to incorporate with Facebook by utilizing a streamlined, criteria - based method for authentication and also authorization.We've taken on OAuth 2.0, a criterion we've carbon monoxide - authored with the open community, consisting of reps from Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and also others.

2019-05-08 17:12:51