Who or what is SUDA in Facebook feeds?

This comment shows up in some Atom feeds from Facebook :

<!-- SUDA was here. -->

What does it suggest?

2019-05-07 12:43:01
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Answers: 2

Well, there are a couple of opportunities.

  1. SUDA is the name of the web server organizing the web content
  2. It's an Easter Egg left in by a designer.
  3. It's the name of the program that draws the information.
2019-05-08 09:22:15

Disclaimer : This is supposition due to the fact that I can not locate a verification, yet below goes ...

Just based upon a number of points, I would certainly claim it's a pen access that some sort of cataloging procedure inner to Facebook places in.

  • From Wikipedia :

The Suda or Souda (Greek : Σοῦδα) is a. substantial 10th century Byzantine. encyclopedia of the old. Mediterranean globe ...

  • All the example access that I can locate make use of an address on the subnet which is an exclusive network. If it is a pen access and also the IP is the address of the system going into in the pen after that it's inner to Facebook as it's an exclusive IP.
2019-05-08 09:20:54