How to get Google to present navigating?

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What are the most important things I need to do to encourage Google Sitelinks?

How do I get Google to present the navigating for my website like it provides for others?

As an example, take the search engine result for ' Microsoft' :

How do I get my website to present navigating like that? It's currently the first access for sure search phrases.

2019-05-07 12:48:14
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Google appears to make use of a computerized procedure for establishing if such sitelinks serve for any kind of offered website.

We just show sitelinks for outcomes when we assume they'll serve to the customer. If the framework of your website does not permit our formulas to locate excellent sitelinks, or we do not assume that the sitelinks for your website matter for the customer's question, we will not show them.

There are numerous SEO write-ups concerning this subject (like this one). Inevitably, it is presuming video game as Google does not disclose its formulas. It appears though to prefer 'developed' websites with with these sitelinks.

2019-05-09 07:11:47

Also of note, Google will certainly generally just show this for the really first outcome for your search.

2019-05-09 06:49:15