How can I divide my Flickr non-friend calls feed from my Flickr close friends feed?

I can get an RSS feed of my call's photos using, at a URL of the kind :<MyUserId>@N00&friends=0&display_all=0&lang=en-us&format=atom

And also if I transform the friend=0 to friend=1 after that I'll get a feed of my close friend's photos just.

Nonetheless, the calls feed will certainly have both close friends and also non-friends photos, so if I register for both I'll get matches.

Just how can I get a feed which contains just photos from calls that aren't close friends?

I assumed I could be able to attain this making use of Yahoo Pipes, yet I have not identified just how.

2019-05-07 12:49:11
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Answers: 2

I assume the response to this will certainly be to make use of the API call getContactsPhotos, and afterwards filter the isfriend=1 and also isfamily=1 results out.

2019-05-17 02:58:37

You can attain it using Yahoo Pipes.

  1. Make 2 Fetch Data Modules. One with friend=0 and also one with friend=1 Let 'channel.item' be your course
  2. Create a Union in between these 2.
  3. Use the Unique component and also filter by item.title
  4. Slap in a Filter that filterings system for repeats making use of item.y:repeatcount after that hook it to the Pipe Output

2019-05-08 08:56:36