Exists a means to download and install applications from the Android market for offline installment?

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How to download apk file on PC from market?

Is there a means to download and install an Android installment plan from the marketplace to make sure that it can be mounted offline at a later time (e.g. from an SD card)? This could be valuable for supporting applications so you do not need to look for and also download them all once more. It can additionally serve establishing numerous tools or simply sharing an application with a close friend in a location without network accessibility.

2019-05-04 04:20:36
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Using back-up applications such as Titanium Backup do this specifically. They primarily extract the.apk (installer ) and also back it approximately the SD card. After that, when you 'recover' making use of Titanium Backup, you can select which applications you intend to recover and also it will certainly re-install them making use of the backed up.apk.

2019-05-07 20:56:25