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Currently my firm has 3 blog sites and also what I did was to install 3 circumstances of wordpress over Apache/MySQL, in various directory sites. The trouble is that I have a Slicehost VPS with 256Mb RAM with Ubuntu8.04 and also MySQL is collapsing Linux or making it really slow-moving and also less competent. Exists some sort of optimum arrangement for this circumstance? I recognize that my server is also economical yet I'm not exactly sure either if an upgrade to 512 will certainly deal with points.

I'm thinking of moving to nginx, yet what concerning MySQL? Exists any kind of remedy to this? Is this the appropriate website to upload this inquiry or is it serverfault?

Many thanks

2019-05-07 12:51:02
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Tuning a vserver takes a great deal of time. A lot of the moment, you are playing the shot & mistake video game. And also occasionally, the outcomes are not really pleasing ... But:

To tune mysql, run the adjusting - guide versus the mysql instance you are attempting to maximize : This manuscript informs you which parameters need to be transformed.

If I remember appropriately, there is a wordpress - mod, that makes use of sqlite as opposed to mysql, which releases great deals of your priceless RAM. hxxp :// - for - wordpress/

Remove all apache components that are not being used by your applications.

Caching is constantly an excellent suggestion, opportunities are, that you will certainly utlilize a disk cache.

Remove as several solutions as feasible : Postfix? Not required, take the Mailer of your ISP. Cron? It's generally an excellent suggestion to maintain it. Abandoning cron releases some even more memory, as the manuscripts run by cron are no more consuming your RAM. On the various other hand : you will need to revolve the browse through your very own (and also far more) ... ssh? maintain. ftp? no. usage sftp (sort of ftp over ssh). It's more secure and also conserves you RAM.

To be straightforward : your effort and time are more than likely far more worth than an account upgrade to even more RAM ...

2019-05-09 07:29:23

Wordpress MU could be excessive for simply 3 blog sites, yet it will certainly allow you run every little thing versus simply one data source and also simply one Wordpress install.

2019-05-09 07:23:05

A. Apache is a memory hog. You would certainly get a massive efficiency increase if you switched over to nginx with PHP using fastcgi.

B. If MySQL is actually your largest trouble (uncertainty it), you can disable InnoDB if you do not in fact require InnoDB assistance for another thing. Modify/ etc/mysql/my. cnf and also add a line claiming "miss - innodb", after that run "/ etc/init. d/mysql reactivate". That need to conserve you a couple of loads megs of RAM.

C. You're not economical, Slicehost are the tightwads. Linode (major rival) is currently $19.95 for a 512 MEGABYTES "piece". Yeah, and also it was a free upgrade, also.

2019-05-09 06:57:54