How do I locate the plan that gives a documents?

Straightforward adequate inquiry : exists some covering command (or GUI method ) I can make use of that, offered the course to a documents on my system, informs me what plan placed it there? Thinking the documents carried out in reality originated from a plan, that is.

Incentive inquiry : what happens if it's a documents that isn't mounted on my system? Exists, claim, a website that will allow me seek out a documents and also see what plans, if any kind of, give it?

2019-05-07 12:56:40
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There's additionally proper - apply for seeking out documents in plans that aren't mounted. As an example:

apt-file list packagename
2019-05-09 07:28:18

You can make use of dpkg command to figure out which mounted plan possesses a documents:

From man dpkg:

-S, --search filename-search-pattern...
                  Search for a filename from installed packages.


$ dpkg -S /bin/ls
coreutils: /bin/ls

You can either look with a complete course or with simply the filename.

If you desire to look for documents not yet mounted on your computer system, you can make use of the Ubuntu Packages Search

2019-05-09 07:23:23

You can look the materials of plans consisted of in the numerous Ubuntu launches on the Ubuntu Packages internet site. Look under the heading "Search the contents of packages".

As an example, below are the search engine result for in lucid (10.04) :

2019-05-08 18:31:47

One factor you could need to do this is if you are assembling software program which there currently is an ubuntu plan, you can run apt-get build-dep $PACKAGENAME. That will certainly install all plans you require to compile $PACKAGENAME.

2019-05-08 17:44:59

The apt-file command can do this for you from the command line. I utilize it regularly when constructing plans from resource. For documents given by plans that are currently mounted on your system, apt-cache is an additional selection.

To install apt-file, do :

sudo apt-get install apt-file

Then, you require to upgrade it's data source :

apt-file update

And, ultimately, look the documents :

$ apt-file find kwallet.h
kdelibs5-dev: /usr/include/kwallet.h
libkf5wallet-dev: /usr/include/KF5/KWallet/kwallet.h

However a much friendlier means is to make use of the Ubuntu Packages Search internet site. They have an alternative to "look the materials of plans" for a details filename.

2019-05-08 16:44:29