How to remove an uninstalled plan's dependencies?

I intend to install a plan (DigiKam ), yet it has a great deal of dependencies. If I determine I no more require this software program and also uninstall it, will the currently unnessary dependencies be gotten rid of?

Otherwise, just how can I do it by hand?

2019-05-07 13:03:34
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I make use of ubuntu tweak, it has a really effecient application cleansing energy that has actually never ever gotten rid of extra after that it should.

2019-05-09 08:26:55

The Computer Janitor, in the system food selection can do this also.

2019-05-09 08:24:48
aptitude purge digikam
aptitude purge $(deborphan)

deborphan checklists plans which are not made use of or do not depend. So you can securely uninstall them. I often tend to make use of purge as alternative of aptitude due to the fact that it gets rid of additionally config documents and also various other things.

2019-05-09 07:49:40

You can make use of the command apt-get autoremove. It will certainly remove plans that are mounted as automated dependencies, yet are not depended any longer.

apt-get has a flag --auto-remove that can be made use of to instantly remove the instantly mounted plans when getting rid of a by hand mounted plan:

apt-get remove --auto-remove packagename

Certain various other devices are additionally with the ability of doing this, as an example aptitude will instantly recommend that you remove the plans that have actually been orphaned.

The instantly mounted plans monitoring is constructed in to proper so the monitoring needs to function despite which device you make use of to install the plans.

2019-05-09 07:46:37