Why will Ubuntu no more gauge documents dimension device as byte, megabyte, gigabyte, etc?

I keep reading somewhere that Ubuntu will certainly no more make use of the acquainted documents dimension devices most of us recognize now (kB, MEGABYTES, GB, TB ) and also button to a various IEC criterion (KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB ). If this holds true, I would love to recognize what's the thinking behind this adjustment, and also the influence (if any kind of ) this adjustment has, specifically with multiplatform applications or applications keep up Wine.

2019-05-07 13:03:48
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Short solution is of course, the prefixes transform. Yet it does not actually make a distinction.


There has actually constantly been complication due to the fact that decimal - design devices like KB, MEGABYTES, GB were made use of with binary information - KB suggested 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes as though anticipated. And also certainly many individuals throughout the globe make use of the real decimal prefixes in their day-to-days live under the statistics system.

Network designers and also lengthy - time computer system customers certainly are educated to recognize the distinction, yet the ongoing confusion suggested applications were irregular in their use ; one application could make use of MEGABYTES to suggest 1,000,000 bytes (making use of the decimal prefix), while an additional could suggest 1,048,576 bytes (making use of the binary analysis).

This brought about Ubuntu at some point taking on a new units policy.


The influence is actually simply a display screen concern. Submit dimensions and also network transmission capacity will certainly be presented making use of the decimal prefixes, so a 5kB documents will in fact be 5000 bytes. This is in fact in accordance with what several (most?) individuals anticipate.

Memory use and also some reduced - degree energies will certainly present dimensions making use of the binary prefixes (KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB). This might create some first complication yet is in fact far better than the status where we have one prefix suggesting 2 various points.

Given that Windows still makes use of the old, advertisement - hoc system a Wine application could present a little various documents dimensions for the very same documents. Nonetheless I at the very least usually see various dimensions presented anyhow as a result of rounding approaches, so I'm not encouraged it's a significant concern.

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