FTP link troubles in Nautilus

I have no problem attaching to my FTP server by mosting likely to Places->Connect to server...

I can after that surf the FTP website to my heart's web content with Nautilus for a couple of mins.

After a couple of mins of lack of exercise, if I attempt to raise a folder on the website, Nautilus simply presents an empty web page.

The only solution is to unmount the FTP website and also reconnect.

This is fairly aggravating - exists some timeout concern at play below? Exists some manner in which I can stop this from taking place?

2019-05-07 13:07:30
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Answers: 2

Probably not avoidable conveniently on your end, and also a timeout concern is one of the most likely reason.

That's a bug versus gvfs, which would certainly need to be changed to instantly take care of such a scenario. During, I would certainly simply remount as you've been doing.

You can report a bug versus gvfs on Launchpad.

2019-05-09 08:17:07

You can possibly expand the timeout in your system. Open the gconf - editor making use of sudo gconf-editor and also browse to desktop -> gnome -> session. There you locate a key idle_delay. You can transform that value by double - hitting on it. Depending from how much time you are commonly non-active you transform it. So if you generally do not have FTP task for half a hr set it to a value bigger than 30.

There is additionally an access in Ubuntus bug tracker and also in GNOME bug tracker. GNOME appears to work with a solution.

2019-05-08 18:10:11