Automatically duplicate podcasts onto ipod

I would certainly such as to have the ability to connect my 5th gen iPod nano right into my Ubuntu 10.04 box and also have it sync podcasts. I would certainly such as freshly downloaded and install podcasts to be replicated onto the iPod, and also played podcasts to be gotten rid of from the iPod.

I've attempted syncing with :

  • Rhythmbox identifies the iPod when it's connected in, yet does not sync podcasts to it.

  • Banshee does not identify the iPod unless I kill Nautilus. It additionally does not sync podcasts without treatment.

  • gPodder does not appear to identify the iPod. It will certainly sync, yet just if I inform it to. And also it notes podcasts as unheard. The gpo sync commandline application has the very same trouble.

  • gtkpod does not identify the iPod. It will certainly sync with treatment, yet it synchronizes podcasts as tracks.

This seems like a trouble that somebody else would certainly have run into now. Just how do I get my Ubuntu box to sync podcasts with my iPod?

2019-05-07 13:14:33
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Answers: 3 - - officially called ipodder, currently called juice gives the capability your seeking.


2019-05-09 08:13:54

You angle actually "sync" yet you can replicate, paste and also relocate points to - and also from the iPod. What you can do is set up a cron work to sync per hour. You would certainly require to set up a manuscript to see where the place factor of the iPod is and also to replicate to the ideal folder.

2019-05-08 17:17:03

Interesting that you could not get it collaborating with gPodder. I had this collaborating with Ubuntu 10.04 yet with an iPod 30GB video (a generation prior to your own?). I did need to fiddle a little bit to make it function, once functioning it was virtually automated.

Have you attempted a more recent variation of gpodder than we have in Ubuntu?

The gpodder writers ppa has 2.7, Ubuntu Lucid has 2.2

2019-05-08 17:10:03