What's the beginning of foo and also bar?

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Using “Foo” and “Bar” in examples

I recognize AT&T laboratories utilized them in their Unix days, yet do they have also much deeper backgrounds?

2019-05-07 13:18:11
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From Wikipedia:

The beginnings of the terms are not recognized with assurance, and also numerous unscientific concepts have actually been progressed to recognize them. Foobar might have stemmed from the army phrase FUBAR and also obtained appeal as a result of the reality that it is obvious the very same. In this suggesting it additionally can stem from the German word furchtbar, which suggests horrible and also dreadful and also defined the conditions of the Second World War.

FOO is an acronym of Forward Observation Officer, a British Army term in operation as very early as the First World War. The etymology of foo is discovered in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments 3092, which keeps in mind usage of foo in 1930s animes consisting of The Daffy Doc (with Daffy Duck) and also cartoons, specifically Smokey Stover and also Pogo. From there the term moved right into army vernacular, where it combined with FUBAR.

" Bar" as the 2nd term in the collection might have created in electronic devices, where an electronic signal which is taken into consideration "on" with an adverse or absolutely no - voltage problem is understood a straight bar over the signal tag ; the symbols for an upside down signal foo would certainly after that be obvious "foo bar".

2019-05-09 08:54:50

From the Jargon file:

When 'foo' is made use of about 'bar' it has actually usually mapped to the WWII - period Army vernacular phrase FUBAR (' Fucked Up Beyond All Repair' or 'Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition'), later on changed to foobar. Early variations of the Jargon File analyzed this adjustment as a blog post - battle bowdlerization, yet it it currently appears more probable that FUBAR was itself a by-product of 'foo' probably affected by German furchtbar (dreadful)-- 'foobar' might in fact have actually been the initial kind.

For, it appears, words 'foo' itself had a prompt prewar history in cartoons and also animes. The earliest recorded usages remained in the Smokey Stover cartoon released from concerning 1930 to concerning 1952. Costs Holman, the writer of the strip, loaded it with weird jokes and also individual machines, consisting of various other rubbish expressions such as "Notary Sojac" and also "1506 nix nix". Words "foo" regularly showed up on certificate plates of autos, in rubbish phrases behind-the-scenes of some structures (such as "He that foos last foos ideal" or "Many smoke yet foo males eat"), and also Holman had Smokey claim "Where there's foo, there's fire".

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