Best means to accessibility Exchange making use of PHP?

I'm creating a CMS application in PHP and also among the needs is that it has to have the ability to user interface with the consumer's Exchange server. I've written this capability a couple of times prior to and also have actually constantly made use of WebDAV to do it, today I'm leaning far from that.

I will certainly be running the website on IIS OR Apache (no choice ) on Windows web server 2008. A couple of points I would certainly require to do include adding calls to an offered customer's personal digital assistant, sending out e-mails as an offered customer and also running records on calls for a customer.

Every one of this is rather simple with WebDAV, yet if there is a far better manner in which does not call for any kind of capability that is most likely to be deprecated at any time quickly.

Any kind of suggestions?

Update :

Justin, I enjoy the suggestion of making use of com things, I simply bother with keeping a 3rd item to make every little thing job ...

John, I can write an internet solution in C# to user interface with for these features and also accessibility it with my PHP application, yet it's additionally a little off the beaten track.

Until now, I'm not 100% persuaded that either of these is far better than WebDAV ...

Can any person show me where I'm being foolish?

2019-05-07 13:22:20
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I would certainly check into IMAP


2019-05-08 18:28:39

I'm not a PHP dev yet Google claims that PHP 5+can instantiate COM parts. If you can install Outlook on a box you can write a PHP internet solution around the COM part to take care of the demands you require.

$outlook = COM("Outlook.Application")

Outlook API referance

2019-05-08 15:01:21

I have actually not made use of PHP to do this yet have experience in operation C# to attain the very same point.

The Outlook API is a means of automating Outlook as opposed to attaching to Exchange straight. I have actually formerly taken this strategy in a C# application and also it does function although can be buggy.

If you desire to connect straight to the Exchange server you will certainly require to study expanded MAPI.

In the past I utilized this wrapper MAPIEx: Extended MAPI Wrapper.

It is a C# task yet I think you can make use of some.NET code on a PHP5 Windows web server. Conversely it has a C+npls core DLL that you might be a able to make use of. I have actually located it to be great and also there are some example applications.

Update :

Sorry for the hold-up no existing means to track blog posts yet.

I do concur including even more layer on your application and also relying upon 3rd event code can be terrifying (and also truly so.)

Today I read an additional interesting post marked up as MAPI that gets on a various topic. The key point below though is that it has actually connected to this important MS article. I have actually been not aware of the concerns previously on making use of took care of code to user interface to MAPI although the C+npls code in the part needs to be untouched by this mistake as it is unmanaged.

This blog site access additionally recommends various other means to connect to MAPI/Exchange web server. In this instance as a result of these new realities might be the solution as recommended by the various other customer.

2019-05-08 14:37:20

Is your consumer making use of Exchange 2007? If so, I would certainly look at Exchange Web Services. Otherwise, as hirsute as it can be, I assume WebDAV is your best choice.

Directly I do not such as making use of the Outlook.Application COM object course, as its protection motivates (" An application is trying to access your calls. Permit this?", and so on ) can create troubles on a web server. I additionally assume it would certainly be hard to complete your impersonation-like jobs making use of Outlook, such as sending out mail as an offered customer.

2019-05-07 17:45:34