What do I require to do that I can access google calendar on thunderbird?

I attempted to install the carrier plugin for thunderbird, yet it claimed my release was also old. I have the lastest release of thunderbird in the lucid archives.

2019-05-07 13:23:51
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For Ubuntu 10.10+

Installing the essential parts is simply an issue of running :

sudo apt-get install xul-ext-lightning xul-ext-gdata-provider

This will certainly install the Lightning Calendar expansion and also the Google Calendar carrier.

For Ubuntu 10.04

Unfortunately, Lightning is not readily available in the Ubuntu databases for 10.04 LTS customers. If you are running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, you have 2 alternatives :

  1. 32 - little bit customers can install a variation of Lightning suitable with Thunderbird 3.1 from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/lightning/versions/?page=1#version-1.0b2
  2. You can install the most up to date secure variation of Thunderbird, adhering to the guidelines in How do I install the latest stable version of Thunderbird?. The thunderbird - secure PPA additionally has a suitable variation of the Lightning expansion for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS customers.

I would highly inhibit disabling the addons compatibility mosaic, as suggested in an additional solution. The check is there for a great factor, and also disabling it can make Thunderbird pointless.

2019-12-01 23:41:06

if you have a rather new thunderbird+lightning mix (or the standalone calendar program sunbird) you can make use of caldev to have a 2 - means sync.

for a thorough description and also howto you can read this blogpost by aaron toponce

2019-05-31 02:23:36

You require the 'Lightning' expansion for Thunderbird (http :// www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/). and also the google carrier plugin (https :// addons.mozilla.org/en - US/thunderbird/addon/ 4631/).

You can after that ask the production of a new "network" calendar, and also recognize it making use of the "exclusive URL" that Google Calendar offers you (in the calendar's choices).

2019-05-08 10:25:55

I simply attempted it out, and also you'll require

  1. Lightning
  2. Provider for Google Calendar

To disable compatibility monitoring for expansions, open Thunderbird's choices, switch over to the "Advanced" tab and also in the "General" subtab, start the config editor. (source)

Add a new boolean value using appropriate click called


readied to incorrect.

[VERSION] represents your Thunderbird variation, as an example 3.1, if you're making use of 3.1 secure, 3.1a if you're making use of 3.1 alpha, or 3.1b if you're making use of 3.1 beta. (source)

Then you can simply install your expansions.

Need To the Config Editor be inaccessible for any kind of factor whatsoever, you can constantly by hand modify ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/[somecharacters].default/prefs.js.

Add the adhering to lines as essential :

user_pref("extensions.checkCompatibility", false);
user_pref("extensions.checkCompatibility.3.0", false);
2019-05-08 07:18:45