Frequent SystemExit in Ruby when making HTTP calls

I have a Ruby on Rails Website that makes HTTP phones call to an exterior Web Service.

Around daily I get a SystemExit (stacktrace listed below ) mistake e-mail where a phone call to the solution has actually fallen short. If I after that attempt the specific very same question on my website minutes later on it functions penalty. It's been taking place given that the website went real-time and also I've had no good luck locating what creates it.

Ruby is variation 1.8.6 and also rails is variation 1.2.6.

Any person else have this trouble?

This is the mistake and also stacktrace.

A SystemExit took place / usr/local/lib/ ruby/gems/1.8/ gems/rails -1.2.6/ lib/fcgi _ handler.rb :116 :in. exit'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/gems/1.8/ gems/rails -1.2.6/ lib/fcgi _ handler.rb :116 :in. exit_now_handler'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/gems/1.8/ gems/activesupport -1.4.4/ lib/active _ support/inflector. rb :250 :in. to_proc'/ usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :133 :in call'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :133 :in sysread'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :133 :in rbuf_fill'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ timeout.rb :56 :in timeout'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ timeout.rb :76 :in timeout'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :132 :in rbuf_fill'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :116 :in readuntil'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/protocol. rb :126 :in readline'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :2017 :in read_status_line'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :2006 :in read_new'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :1047 :in demand'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :945 :in request_get'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :380 :in get_response'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :543 :in start'. / usr/local/lib/ ruby/1.8/ net/http. rb :379 :in get_response'

2019-05-07 13:29:29
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I would certainly additionally have a look at Passenger. It is a whole lot less complicated to start than the typical remedy of Apache/nginx+Mongrel.

2019-05-19 09:21:50

Using fcgi with Ruby is recognized to be really buggy.

Almost everyone has actually relocated to Mongrel consequently, and also I advise you do the very same.

2019-05-09 08:36:17

It's been some time given that I made use of FCGI yet I assume a FCGI process can toss a SystemExit if the string was taking also long. This can be the internet solution not reacting or perhaps a slow-moving DNS question. Some google results show a comparable mistake with Python and also FCGI so relocating to mongrel would certainly be an excellent suggestion. This post is my reference I made use of to arrangement mongrel and also I still refer back to it.

2019-05-08 14:38:36