Correct use of the expression "In the follow up"? Background? Alternatives?

While I really feel fairly certain that I've presumed the proper definition of "In the follow up" from context, I've never ever listened to any person clearly inform me, so first of all, to remove my worrying uncertainties : What does this expression suggest?

(A person lately said to me that "follow up" was in fact intended to describe an honest 2nd component of a paper, which I located very not likely, yet I would certainly similar to to see to it. )

My major inquiries :

At what factors in the message, and also wherefore sort of X, is it ideal to make use of the expression "In the follow up, X" in a paper? In a publication? Is it ever before appropriate to present interpretations using

" In the follow up, we present the principle of a "blah", which is a point pleasing ..."

at the beginning of a paper or publication without an official

" Definition. A "blah" is a point, satsifying ..."

generally message of the paper or publication? Ultimately, out of inquisitiveness, I'm asking yourself how much time this expression has actually been about, if it's taken into consideration outdated or if it's still a preferred expression, and also what some excellent choices are.

2019-05-07 13:30:41
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Mathematics is usually viewed as a specific and also details language. Undoubtedly if there is obscurity in the expression "in the follow up" it need to be stayed clear of. There are even more exact means of sharing both the definitions that expression could lug so why create unnecessary complication?

2019-05-18 11:42:32

I would certainly never ever write that (primarily due to the fact that it actually seems like the definition will certainly remain in an additional paper.). I'm rather certain I would certainly write "In what adheres to, ...".

2019-05-09 09:07:30

Your analysis of just how "in the follow up" is made use of in mathematical literary works is proper : it suggests "in what adheres to", "in the rest of the here and now message", "from currently on" ... As you can see, there are several various other such expressions, and also I do not assume that "in the follow up" has any kind of certain subtlety of suggesting that these various other wordings do not have.

On your inquiry of whether this serves use in a mathematics paper : appropriate, yes, yet not entirely advised. In even more information:

Ths expression is, as you mention, instead usual, so any kind of seasoned viewers of mathematics will certainly have seen it in the past. Additionally its definition needs to be reasonably clear to a literate indigenous audio speaker of English : this desires all what the thesaurus claims that "follow up" suggests.

Nonetheless, there are 2 downsides. First, as Mariano claims, nowadays we listen to "follow up" made use of most generally for the next flick in a franchise business, so its usage in a mathematics paper will certainly make some viewers assume that you are describing [TITLE OF YOUR PAPER ] Part II : This Time, It's Personal , or whatever. Second, in my point of view it is rather threadbare language and also a colloquial use that does not add any kind of definition. If you read sufficient mathematics documents you'll locate that there are particular etymological ticks that individuals grab from each various other (as well as additionally occasionally, from creating in various other languages), as an example starting a sentence with "Remark that ..." appears a little stilted and also is possibly a semiconscious translation of the french expression "Remarquer que" (which I would certainly convert as "Notice that"). Most individuals concur that excellent mathematical writing is as stylistically unobstrusive as feasible, so making use of expressions that make individuals contemplate and also ask inquiries concerning them on internet sites is, perhaps, a little also disruptive.

Anyhow, it's immaterial. If I were an umpire or perhaps a copyeditor, I would certainly likely allow the writer usage "in the follow up" if she desires.

2019-05-09 09:06:24