Why can not I click points (software-related concern )?

After mounting both Gmameui and also the Sugar desktop computer session plan I was unable to click anything inside applications. I can close, decrease, and also make best use of windows and also make use of the panel and also desktop computer symbols yet the remainder of the system is pointless. I have actually not removed the dividing in which this system is mounted on, yet have actually re-installed Ubuntu in a new dividing, so if any person can aid me with this, it would certainly still serve to me.

2019-05-07 13:35:54
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I had the very same trouble with Sugar, located the solution at ubuntuforums.org

You do not require to delete the whole.gconf folder, modify the documents


delete the tag with name "mouse_button_modifier", in my instance this 3 lines:

<entry name="mouse_button_modifier"

mtime = "1279125807" type = "string" > impaired

which's it.

Functioned like a beauty. Many thanks, moiesk.

2019-05-09 08:22:24