Maintaining heritage code

I have an old codebase that still "jobs" yet is difficult/nearly difficult to keep. It might be pricey (money and time sensible ) to upgrade it. Do I simply go all out, or should I remain to despise my globe (yet proceed working with something that functions and also is reasonably bug-free )?

2019-05-07 13:48:39
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I'm certain it relies on the details conditions, yet make certain to consider the added time you need to invest keeping your existing codebase vs. the expenditure of upgrading it. Not recognizing even more information, I would certainly claim upgrade it as opposed to having problem with what you've obtained.

2019-05-09 09:18:47

If you see a future in your website please revise it as quickly as posible if it's not maintainable. I keep numerous+5 years of age large websites and also while I've invest cursing on the foolish troubles that originated from it I can have revised them all. Do on your own a satisfaction and also revise it, it's even more enjoyable to construct something new too ;)

2019-05-09 09:18:34

I concur with @D4V360, there is without a doubt satisfaction in creating something over again. Additionally, take into consideration the principle of "Technical Debt" that Jeff and also Joel have actually mentioned in their podcasts. Below are some significant web links on the topic:

  • Steve McConnell (writer of the wonderful publication "Code Compete") on Technical Debt
  • The abovementioned and also our really own Jeff Atwood on Technical Debt
2019-05-09 09:15:29

I remain in a comparable scenario. My firm has their heritage internet site that does every little thing they require. On top of that, they have an internet site being constructed by an outdoors firm to change it that does 90% of what they require. They anticipate that 90% to come to be 110%.

I have actually picked the adhering to strategy :

  • Maintain the heritage internet site till the new website is supplied
  • Get the added attributes incorporated right into the new website as promptly as feasible
  • Maintain the new internet site as if it were not being changed
  • Once every little thing is up and also running, restore the website and also create a movement strategy
  • Migrate to the new new website and also neglect that either of those old ones ever before existed

As high as I would certainly such as to merely overlook the various other 2 websites, that's not an alternative. No matter just how I really feel concerning it, the website that is being supplied will certainly need to offer us for a particular variety of months prior to I can also try to change it. Maximizing, keeping, and also surpassing it will certainly be my top priority. That website has to execute throughout its life time. So constructing the new new website will certainly be a during-those-times-that-everything-is-working and also on-my-personal-time-when-I-want-to-hack-on-something task. Yet that's great, given that it takes care of everyone's assumptions. The firm that anticipates this new website to execute to a particular degree will certainly have their website executing at that degree, and also at the very same time I'll be proactively boosting it behind the scenes. And also at the very same time once more, I will certainly be constructing a substitute that will certainly blow it away.

In my scenario, my "new website" (from the outdoors firm) is your heritage codebase, and also my "new new website" is your should-I-just-rebuild-it. So I presume my brief solution is that while keeping the heritage codebase to maintain the globe transforming, you can still restore.

2019-05-08 03:47:20