Execute manufacturing facility recuperation to new hard disk drive on Dell computer system?

I have a Dell computer with a tiny SATA disk drive. The drive has 2 dividings: C: and also D:. D: is a recuperation dividing that can be made use of to return the equipment to its manufacturing facility default problem.

I would certainly such as to recoup that manufacturing facility default disk photo onto a new huge disk drive and also utilize it as my new C:. Just how can I do this?

2019-05-03 18:22:43
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You might have the ability to so this with DriveImage, though I do not recognize for sure.If you can I would very advise it.

2019-05-12 03:27:53

Go download and install a duplicate of PING or Clonezilla, read the guidelines, and also utilize it to replicate the recuperation dividing image to a new drive. After that boot off of that drive and also ... recoup.

Free, quickly, very easy.

2019-05-12 03:03:07

Your best choice is to recoup the photo onto the existing drive, and afterwards make use of a drive duplicate and also partition development energy to replicate every little thing over to the new drive after installment.

If you intend to maintain the existing drive you can replicate it to the new drive (increasing the key partition as required) and also attempt a recuperation. It needs to function simply great, yet Dell tinkers the boot field, and also it might not move appropriately (or it might know linked to the dimension of the drive).

If it does not operate at first, review Dell's recover energy below:


You need to locate details and also energies that change the boot field as required to offer you the capacity to run the recuperation after doing a drive duplicate.

- Adam

2019-05-12 02:36:49