Apache KeepAlive - why should I ever before require it?

I've read numerous blog sites concerning transforming KeepAlive off in apache. When I had it activated, and also a spike in website traffic, individuals began timing out, or needed to wait +10 secs for a web page load. Nonetheless, when I transformed it off, demands ended up virtually quickly.

I recognize HOW KeepAlive operates, and also what it does, I simply need to know why I would certainly ever before require it. If i'm making use of CSS sprites and also incorporating all my javascript right into 1 documents, with just 2-3 http demands to the server, is it secure to have it switched off?

2019-05-07 13:51:04
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If you can give your sources really promptly, after that a really brief KeepAlive timeout need to be the means to go, or make use of no KeepAlive in all.

KeepAlive is necessary when you are mosting likely to have several demands from the very same customer, yet it reaches be a trouble if you require to offer to several customers at the very same time. KeepAlive with SSL is a lot more vital as the price to arrangement a new SSL link is really high, specifically if it is just for a percentage of information.

If you can provide what you require in just 2 - 3 demand, I would certainly recommend maintaining it short sufficient to get those demands took care of. If that is still not functioning and also various other customers are hanging for a long period of time, after that you possibly require to take into consideration some load harmonizing and also a proxy.

2019-05-09 09:16:32