Application embeded "Installing ..." phase in Market

I'm having actually the trouble stated in the title on my Samsung Galaxy S. I upgraded the application Dock Simulator and also for one reason or another it obtained stuck while mounting. Currently it reveals the scrolling environment-friendly bar in the downloads area of the marketplace yet the program itself functions penalty. Just how can I remove the constant "Installing ..." standing?

Oh yep, reboot and also uninstall really did not deal with anything.

2019-05-07 13:52:12
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I maintain obtaining this, and also it appears linked to my "Application storage space is reduced" message.

I uninstalled numerous huge, un - made use of applications, restarted *, and also the downloads downloaded and install.

*Possibly I really did not reboot. Examine the download after uninstall and also see if it's proceeding

Since my documents - internet browser claims I'm making use of much less than 40% of readily available phone storage space, this is a little bothersome.

2019-05-10 21:24:43

I simply had this trouble, and also in some way I obtained this addressed.

What I did :

  • Entered Settings - > Applications - > Manage Applications.
  • Picked the marketplace application, and also "uninstall updates".

Afterwards, I got in the marketplace application once more, and also I had the ability to re-install the application that obtained stucked.

PS : I'm not exactly sure if this was simply a coincidence, or this procedure functions constantly, yet it benefited me. PS2 : My Android variation is in fact in portuguese language, so I'm not exactly sure the alternative names I described above are proper in english.

2019-05-10 13:07:17

In the" downloads" screen of the marketplace, lengthy click the application that's stuck mounting and also you'll get the alternative to Delete or Cancel (I can not bear in mind which alternative you'll see yet it'll be noticeable).

2019-05-09 09:31:32