How do you successfully take care of chains of jobs in Dwarf Fortress?

I'm a newbie at Dwarf Fortress. I was nearly going on top of points, till my first wave of travelers got here. Currently I have 15 dwarves to track, and also my previous approach of micromanaging each dwarf is not scaling up. Specifically, I'm having troubles with "chains" of jobs, where something in the chain fails, and also the reliant work obtains terminated or put on hold.

As an example, I would love to be consistently making ale, yet periodically I lack barrels, either due to the fact that the woodworker strayed, was doing another thing, or lacked timber. When this takes place, my dwarf surrenders on developing and also go on to various other points. A comparable point takes place consistently with potash manufacturing and also cooking.

Just how can I successfully take care of these chains of dependences? Exist any kind of approaches, or integrated devices I've not learnt more about that I can relate to soothe several of the micromanaging worry?

2019-05-07 13:57:33
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I would certainly recommend making use of a manager noble and also the monitoring screen (j, m) where you can mark time jobs. I locate it valuable to do assumes like:

  • Queue 15 barrel
  • Queue 15 mixture beverages

And work that are taken care of are instantly re - appointed if they fall short for any kind of factor consisting of absence of sources. So in this instance the mixture beverages would certainly be re - appointed till the barrels are readily available to finish them.

Keep in mind that these jobs will certainly refine in parallel.

2019-05-09 09:32:05