How to enable Wifi Access Point/ Hotspot on my Moto Droid (2.2 ) without editing and enhancing the Kernal or blinking the ROM?

I intend to enable the Wifi Access Point (AP ) capability on my Moto Droid. I do not mind rooting yet I would certainly such as to do this without needing to modify the bit or needing to flash the ROM. I have actually seen applications that enable wifi tethering yet they call for a netfilter made it possible for bit.

Is this feasible? If it is, just how do I get it done?

Below are a couple of factors I intend to make clear due to the fact that I prepare for numerous individuals informing me to make use of PDAnet, which is a wonderful application that I enjoy yet does not fit my demands below ...

  1. I intend to enable my Droid as a Wifi AP, not simply secure using wifi. The factor of this is that I intend to have the ability to connect tools that are qualified to attaching to wifi without having any kind of customer software program on them.
  2. PDAnet does not permit wifi tethering in all.
  3. Verizon does not supply Wifi AP solution on the Droid 1.
2019-05-07 13:58:16
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When I first rooted my Droid (with EasyRoot), I continued to be on the supply ROM till I obtained frustrated by the OTA update message (and also wound up changing to CM6).

Nonetheless, I had the ability to make use of Wireless Tether without doing anything else. No new bit, no mods, nada. Simply origin on vanilla Android.

If you've currently upgraded to the most up to date variation of Android using OTA, after that I'm rather particular you would certainly need to downgrade your phone to get origin to function unless there is a new method to get origin currently. I recognize for sure that EasyRoot no more collaborates with the OTA update.

2019-05-09 09:35:36