Is Red Dead Redemption multiplayer area secured?

I have an american PS3.
I acquired the UK variation of Red Dead Redemption.
I am presently staying in Italy
I attempted to play a multiplayer suit with a close friend with an american PS3 and also american RDD. He is presently staying in the United States.
Everytime we welcomed each various other a mistake motivate without description whatsoever showed up.

I was asking yourself if we could not play a multiplayer session video game due to the fact that :
A. our discs being from various areas?
B. or us remaining in various nations?
C. a mix of An and also B.

Does any person below recognize something around this?

2019-05-07 13:59:43
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Answers: 2

As much as I have actually experienced, RDR multiplayer is not area - secured. I stay in the Netherlands and also have a European Xbox 360. I've played multiplayer video games numerous times with my close friends that stay in the United States. What sort of mistake motivate did you receive?

Have both of you upgraded your video games to the most up to date variations? There have actually gone to the very least 2 spots given that release that dealt with some multiplayer link concerns.

2019-05-09 09:44:20

If Red Dead attaches to a main web server to start up the video game, after that they might merely not permit you due to the fact that the ping is expensive.

I recognize that Modern Warfare 2 usually rejects to connect as a result of pings over 100 ms.

2019-05-09 09:39:30