Is it feasible to unroot a tool?

As soon as a tool has been rooted, is it feasible to unroot?

I additionally intend to maintain my information, so can I unroot without wiping/re-imaging? If so, just how hard is this?

2019-05-07 14:00:46
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This actually depends. What phone are you making use of and also just how did you root it?

As an example : some phones have a very easy "one click" origin method to root your phone. They usually have a reverse very easy "one click" unroot method. An instance of this is EasyRoot for Droid.

When it comes to doing it using a manufacturing facility reset, that's not always sufficient. Manufacturing facility resets generally (constantly?) clean just the customer dividings such as /data without touching the system dividing, where su and also various other proof of rooting is most likely to continue to be. Re - blinking the ROM needs to suffice however, although some tools have flash counters that might additionally be examined if you send in your phone for service warranty objectives.

2019-05-09 09:24:05