Can I make home screen call symbols upgrade their image?

I was simply asking yourself if any person recognizes just how to make call symbols on the home screen upgrade their image when the call's image is transformed, without requiring to delete the faster way and also recreate it. Can this be done? Make the contact-shortcut's image "live" as it were?

e.g. several of my contacts are connected to Facebook and also their images on their call documents sync as anticipated, yet the faster way on the home screen will certainly still show whatever their image was when the faster way was developed.

I assumed possibly restarting the phone would certainly create it to rejuvenate the symbols, yet it really did not.

Working on a non-rooted Galaxy S Captivate.

2019-05-07 14:01:16
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Looks like it is logged as an Android bug. If I'm reviewing right, there is no existing prepare for the Android group to resolve this.

2019-05-11 16:33:35