Psionic tornados - just how specifically do they function?

I'm attempting to recognize just how specifically do psionic tornados do damages, and also just how to manage them.

  1. I recognize they do damage-over-time - is that equally topped the tornado's period?
  2. The amount of times per secondly is a damage-over-time "package" used? i.e. the amount of times per secondly will a device in the area-of-effect shed wellness?
  3. Do the tornados do complete damages to pleasant devices?
  4. Is it worth attempting to escape from tornados, or is it far better to remain? Given that if you escape they can storm you once more, yet they can not do it if you remain and also deal with due to the fact that tornados do not pile ...
  5. Do the tornados do normal damages, or do they have some unique buildings such as added damages to some device type, or armor-ignoring damages, etc?
  6. Do the tornados injure structures? Do they injure devices inside shelters? Do they injure devices inside transportations? Do they injure interceptors inside service providers?
  7. What is the array the Templar requires to be from the tornado's facility in order to cast it? Is it greater than his sight array?

EDIT : According to this video, psionic tornado does 10 factors of damages every 0.35, yet that causes total amount of 114 damages, which is not regular with the damages I recognize they do (80 ). Yet possibly it hints that the damages is done every 0.35 secs anyhow.

2019-05-07 14:07:49
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I'll address the ones I recognize.


5 It is normal damages

6 Storms do not injure devices inside structures

7 The actors array is 9

2019-05-09 09:30:15

Starcraft 1 has a various psionic tornado than Starcraft 2, so I'll just be addressing Starcraft 2

It is 80 damages expanded over 4 secs. Psionic tornado holds true damages and also is not lowered by capacities or shield. Any kind of device captured under the tornado (pleasant or otherwise) will certainly take 80 damages if it continues to be for the complete period. Its worth keeping in mind that Zerg devices at complete wellness will certainly restore 1 HP when first struck. Tornados do not pile. Any kind of device under a tornado obtains the tornado result. It is this result which shares the damages. You can just have 1 tornado result at once on an offered device.

Relying on your military make-up going through tornados is usually advised you range from tornados. Due to the fact that there is a mild computer animation hold-up (1.5 secs) you can negate a huge section of the damages if you act promptly.

Tornados just injure devices. Devices inside shelters or service providers or various other transportation are untouched.

Tornados have a series of 8.25 to 9.75 as they have a distance of 1.5. Smart cast suggests the closest templar will certainly power will certainly cast the tornado.

2019-05-08 14:01:44