Are there any kind of disadvantages to beginning a domain with a figure?

In feedback to my domain name suggestion on meta, Kris claimed :

Something concerning having a domain begin with a figure simply really feels ... off to me.

  • Does it influence website rankings on internet search engine?
  • Do you assume individuals will be much less most likely to see it?
  • Is this simply a designer feedback, given that the majority of variable names can not start with a figure?
2019-05-07 14:10:52
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Does it influence website rankings on internet search engine?

No, unless your target search phrases are figures like 2, 8 or 100. Yet that make use of that search phrases anyhow?

Do you assume individuals will be much less most likely to see it?

Brief solution is no, unless the URL is loaded with arbitrary figures. That being claimed, relying on what kind languages your internet site is for, some languages have really fascinating buildings. In Chinese, 8 is a great number, amounts to success, and also 51 methods I desire, that is why in artlung is checklist there are 58. com, 51job. com. In Chinese, those are great name. BTW 630 suggests something also in various other langues, does not it?

Is this simply a designer feedback, given that the majority of variable names can not start with a figure?

Adverse, regarding I recognize.

2019-12-01 23:08:26

The idea that you can not start a domain with a number is a holdover from previous net ideal techniques.

In the very early days of the internet, it was undesirable to begin a domain with a number. In a lot of cases, it would certainly be misinterpreted for the start of an IP address (as an example,

Currently, all software and hardware items worth acquiring are entirely with the ability of taking care of domain that begin with a number.

2019-05-31 21:20:09

Yes the 11 internet site with domain began with figures appears to be effective instances, yet if you see the websites, you will certainly locate that they are all non - English internet site. So I assume that the domain began with figures will certainly not create any kind of trouble in non - English nation due to the fact that the domain system does not have their words or personalities so they will certainly not be perplexed.

In my instance, my domain is additionally begun with figures, which is an eCommerce website and also located no worry with it previously. I do not assume that google or various other internet search engine will certainly do not like the domain began with figures.

2019-05-30 04:05:24

Nice string. I run 123bit. com and also 123galactic. com

I assumed leading figures can bring about a bug, yet appears not ... Lots of websites appear to have leading digits.
Yes I hesitated to get them as a result of leading figures, yet its obtained really hard to get trendy domains nowadays. I additionally made use of to assume it was incorrect as a result of variables not having the ability to begin with numbers. Yet after that I understood that domain are extra comparable to filenames than variables.

2019-05-19 11:23:43

37signals functions due to the fact that every person talks it as "thirty 7 signals" and also the all-natural response for the majority of is to write bigger numbers as figures.

Solitary figures might be extra bothersome - 7monkeys or sevenmonkeys? A close friend made use of the domain name a couple of years earlier. He enjoyed it till he needed to introduce it on the telephone.

2019-05-09 10:48:45

Well, individuals at 37signals or 7dana could differ with that said. If it makes good sense to make use of a number at the beginning of the domain name, utilize it. Otherwise ... do not. I 'd undoubtedly despise to type out one - hundred - and also - one - dalmations, when 101dalmations would certainly do simply great :)

I assume the key below is to stay clear of ridiculous domains completely, i.e. something like '303wee' when actually you are marketing developer bags.

I do not assume its mosting likely to impact your rating anymore or any kind of much less than any kind of various other negative name that did not start with a number. A negative name is simply a negative name no matter.

2019-05-09 09:49:58

Big disadvantage : Having to mean it to individuals vocally it's really unclear. This goes with having a number throughout the URL.

Numerous times I've listened to radio promotions for internet sites where they need to mean it out:

To take advantage of this great offer, just go to - that's kids with a Z - really aggravating for every person entailed.

Consider instance,

Tech Support : Go to 2example. com - that's the second, not the letters 2, so 2 the figure

Grandma : It's not functioning

Tech Support : can you repeat to me what you've obtained?

Grandmother (gradually) : tee-doubleyou-oh-tee-hach-eee-dee-eye-gee-eye-tee-eee-ex-aye-mmm-pee-ell-eee-dee-oh-tee-see-oh-emm (twothedigitdotcom)

2019-05-09 09:37:07

As of this minute, of the top 500 global sites according to Alexa internet, just 11 start with a figure. 2.2% just. So a figure - began domain can get website traffic.

Below's the checklist (please note : I have actually not considered these websites to see if they are secure for job) :


For some factor this inquiry advises me of E - Mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give out over the Phone, which is uproarious.

Yet seriously, any kind of domain can be effective. Consider and also and also : ludicrous names ; wonderful, effective websites.

2019-05-08 23:05:18

RFC 952 claims that hostnames need to not have leading figures, yet this is a record from 1985 and also was superseded by RFC 1123 (area 2.1). The earlier regulation versus leading figures might become part of the factor some individuals favor not to utilize them.

To resolve your inquiries though :

  • I question internet search engine would certainly treat it in different ways, other than as a bug problem
  • Not several individuals would certainly pick to stay clear of a website based totally on the first personality
  • Any reluctance I've had actually has actually been as an outcome of the reality that a first figure can additionally be beginning an IP address (nothing to do with variables)
2019-05-08 14:30:43