Can you advise means to take care of code release to a Linux based internet server?

I've constantly made use of a really straightforward celebration manuscript to release code. I'm relocating far from making use of subversion to Mercurial yet I do not actually assume the alteration control software program issues for release.

What are some betters means to do this?

date=`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`
tar -zcvf app-dir-$date.tar.gz app/dir 
tar -zcvf app-templates-$date.tar.gz app/templates
tar -zcvf app-media-$date.tar.gz app/media
svn export hh/ --force
2019-05-07 14:12:33
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We make use of ant's scp task, with the modified selector. That suggests you simply upgrade the documents that have actually transformed given that the previous upload. However, the changed selector appears to be made just for individual usage, not showing to employee. The documents has course names to the customer's functioning directory site in it. We created a number of ant targets to massage therapy the documents right into a layout that can be shared in between programmers and afterwards rubbed back right into the layout that ant demands. The layout additionally ranges a Windows setting and also a GNU/Linux setting.

2019-05-09 09:50:48

Isn't the entire factor of making use of variation control that you do not require to problem on your own with supporting the website prior to pressing out an upgrade?

If it's done appropriately, an svn update (or equal) should suffice, and also if it's a blunder after that roll it back to a previous devote? That's what we do in any case. Devote all the adjustments, svn update the hosting web server, if it's all ALRIGHT after that svn update the live web server.

2019-05-09 09:50:30

I make use of Mercurial to manage everything, including my fixed HTML web pages. It makes life actually, actually very easy for me.

Advantages include

  • All the rewards variation control deals (rollbacks, landmark tags, etc)
  • Being able to duplicate your website quickly
  • You constantly have a functioning neighborhood back-up/ duplicate
  • Easy to maintain in sync if you often tend to make adjustments en situ (in position, on the web server)
  • Most common hosts (if your managing one) do not mind mounting it

Disclaimer, I created the tutorial. Yes, the sort of VCS you make use of does issue, somewhat. As an example, I would certainly not make use of something in this circumstance where I can not devote in your area and also make one large push/ upgrade. That simply pressures me to swelling way too many possibly bothersome become one dedication.

I can do it with Subversion, and also I'm not knocking SVN in all. I simply assume Mercurial is a much much better device for the trouble you are attempting to address.

Its my point of view that you need to not need to 'function about' your devices unless you have nothing else selection. Doing so type of beats the objective of having them, and also you do have a selection :)

2019-05-09 09:46:04

In enhancement to the superb pointers in the various other solutions, you might intend to take into consideration whether it is necessary to you to do an atomic upgrade.

On my FreeBSD web server, I complete this via 2 devices:

  • Versioning every one of my fixed sources. (E.g. or ). This permits me to svn update the fixed website straight before upgrading the vibrant website, without bothering with customers seeing new documents in old web pages.

  • Versioning the whole vibrant internet site. In my instance, I have my record origin indicating a symbolic link. My approach is to get the new variation of manufacturing in position and afterwards with a solitary command push it live. g. something similar to this:

    cp -Rp (or svn checkout)

    svn update (might require an svn switch first)

    ln -sf (atomically relocate adjustments to manufacturing)

This makes certain that none of my customers wind up seeing a fifty percent - baked web page. They'll either see the old variation if it's still in their cache, or the new one.

This approach just functions well if you aren't blending customer - uploaded web content with your vibrant website.

2019-05-09 09:34:19