If you make use of cheats is it difficult to defeat Sephiroth in the last battle?

When I was a wee boy I make use of to enjoy playing Final Fantasy 7. Well, at some time I determined to make use of some rip off codes the very first time playing it via. When I reached the end of the world it was definitely difficult to win. I assume I played it for like 30 mins in this one fight till I passed away. I attempted this countless times, additionally.

After that I began again with a fresh video game and also really did not make use of any kind of rip off codes. I won the end of the world I assume on the 2nd test.

So is the end of the world in fact difficult when making use of rip off codes or was it simply chance that I defeat it when I really did not make use of rip off codes?

2019-05-07 14:15:27
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There's absolutely nothing details versus rip off codes that need to make the Sephiroth fight difficult. Nonetheless, relying on your rip off selections, you might make the fight harder. I'm thinking the one that would certainly destroy you is Safer Sephiroth, the one - winged angel kind. Along with every one of its unique capacities, it additionally has the adhering to 2 incentives that you possibly caused in your rip off approaches contrasted to your non - disloyalty approaches.

  • Each personality at Level 99 (other than Aeris) includes 30,000 max HP, 2 Attack, 20 Def, 5 Magic, and also 16 MDef.
  • Casting Knights of the Round on Jenova ∙ SYNTHESIS (that you deal with prior to Sephiroth) includes an additional 80,000 max HP.

Numbers were drawn from the Final Fantasy Wiki. The previous form of Sephiroth additionally obtains raised HP from degree 99 personalities and also making use of KotR on Jenova, yet not virtually as much.

The complete increase he can grab HP alone is a variable of 5 : from his regular 80,000 to 400,000. His various other statistics, certainly, are additionally boosted, notedly with a solid focus on protection. This is what makes an under - degree event (and also one that fell short to acquire Knights of the Round) in fact less complicated to challenge versus Sephiroth. I recognize I took care of to beat him on my first playthrough at poor degrees (Cloud just recognize his Meteor restriction, Vincent his 2nd, and also I had Cait Sith with Dice ... I do not also recognize what I was dipping into that time).

The only various other variable you might have faced is that in operation rip off codes you could've slumped over in far better event maintenance, such as by neglecting to outfit correct standing protection (he has a great deal of those) and also aficionado the event continually. Previous these points, however, making use of rip off codes should not have any kind of straight result.

A note needs to be made that the faux final battle that follows after that is pointed out to have some intriguing results when making use of rip off codes, none of which reason Game Over however. It does enhance that rip off codes themselves should not have actually influenced the previous battle.

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