Do we have text-to-speech online solutions?

I am seeking text-to-speech synthesizers on-line solutions. I am additionally curious about those that sustain English/French/Spanish.

Which can you advise?

2019-05-07 14:24:25
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Answers: 1
  • AT&T's is restricted to 300 personalities
  • SpokenText covers English, French, Spanish & German. On-line variation restricted to 100 personalities.
  • There are a couple of voices at Read The Words yet you do need to register to get anything apart from the United States male/female voices.
  • Cepstral has some trials with a bigger series of voices
  • Vozme - can conserve as MP3 yet the top quality is poor contrasted to IVONA, or Google's TTS
  • Expressivo - few personalities permitted, intriguing option of voices - English, Romanian & Polish - very easy to link to this as they simply read the string in the URL
  • Ivona - excellent quality. Appears rather comparable to Expressivo in capability & voices. On-line trial restricted to 250 personalities.
2019-05-09 06:27:01