How do you unhide a close friend on your Facebook wall surface?

On Facebook I was attempting to hide notifications from an application yet I mistakenly struck the individual's name. Just how can I undo the hiding of a close friend?

2019-05-07 14:26:31
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Answers: 2

Scroll to the base of your information feed and also click "Edit Options." Locate your close friend's name in the "Hide" checklist and also remove using the "x" alongside his/her name.

2019-05-09 10:07:51

If you remove something from your Wall , it is gone for life and also you can not get it back.

If you have actually concealed a close friend, web page, or application from your News Feed and also intend to unhide it, after that as MrGumbe noted you can scroll to the base of the News Feed and also click Edit Options on the appropriate side of the shaded bar. Nonetheless the dialog that turns up is various relying on whether you were revealing "Top News" or "Most Recent".

The "Top News" dialog has various tabs for surprise Friends, Pages, and also Applications (if any kind of are concealed ). To unhide any one of these, click the ideal tab on top if essential and afterwards click its "Add To News Feed" switch.

The "Most Recent" dialog reveals surprise friends and also web pages in the Hide column; click the "X" to unhide. It permits you to hide added friends yet does not have any kind of means to regulate surprise applications.

2019-05-07 20:28:49