Why does SEO appear to rest on making use of wordpress?

Wordpress is the de facto seo tool of selection. I get that.

Just what is it concerning wordpress that is so unique? It's blogging software program, with some plugins, right?

Why can I not make use of any kind of old blog writing engine, or perhaps, a fixed documents generator remedy, like old-fashioned movable type?

Exists a factor? Or simply convenience of usage?

2019-05-07 14:34:43
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I have actually never ever heard this certain details concerning Wordpress. Certain, it's boldy SEOptimized, yet I do not assume there's anything "magic" concerning it - to put it simply, there's no factor any kind of various other CMS could not be maximized similarly.

I believe that what makes the distinction with Wordpress is the reality that there is a huge and also energetic programmer area behind it, that includes a great deal of individuals that run WP websites and also are fairly worried concerning SEO. The majority of various other CMS's and also various other internet site production applications do not have the very same sources to make use of.

2019-05-09 10:37:05

I assume claiming Wordpress is the defacto SEO tool of selection is wrong due to the fact that SEO manage all website, Wordpress just manages blog sites and also a couple of various other website type.

SEO has to do with maximizing your website for internet search engine. Wordpress is an application for making a blog site.

Certain Wordpress is really internet search engine maximized yet so are hundreds of various other websites that have absolutely nothing to do with blog sites and also do not make use of Wordpress.

So my factor is Wordpress is wonderful at SEO yet that does not suggest anything else can not be or isn't

2019-05-09 10:34:21