Can I sync an iPhone to numerous computer systems without getting rid of all the applications?

I have actually adhered to suggestions from this website to sync my iPhone on numerous computer systems, yet it is established to eliminate my applications. I have concerning 50 applications on my iPhone.

If you attempt to untick "Sync Applications" on the Apps tab iTunes claims "Are you certain you do not intend to sync applications? All existing applications and also their information on the iPhone will certainly be gotten rid of."

Nonetheless if I do not tick sync applications (remembering my laptop computer is new ) my computer system attempts to remove all the applications, due to the fact that it does not "very own" any kind of applications.

Exists any kind of means I can sync without removing all my applications?

2019-05-07 14:37:27
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It is actually aggravating, isn't it.

One point that functions sensibly well is for you to appropriate click your tool in iTunes after attaching it (yet prior to syncing it) and also select "Transfer my acquisitions". That will certainly replicate your applications to the neighborhood duplicate of iTunes, so if it synchronizes it will not clean points out. Except applications at the very least. Songs and also video is an entire various other frustration.

2019-05-09 10:33:56