iPhone claims "The Apple Id you got in Couldn't be located or was wrong. Please attempt once more."

Suddenly my iPhone 4 (iOS4.0.2 ) can no more download and install applications. It claims :

The Apple Id you got in Couldn't be located or was wrong. Please attempt once more.

I recognize for particular that the password is gotten in appropriately. I have just 1 iTunes ID. I downloaded and install an application efficiently today, over 3G. Today I continually get this message when I attempt to download and install any kind of application! I'm still on 3G with ample signal toughness.

I've give up all running applications, I've reactivated (two times ) and also also a tough reset. Yet still I get this message. I've additionally seen that the battery degree is dropping swiftly (1% every 2 minutes's ) regardless of nothing else running apps/wifi/Bluetooth, so it has to be doing some hefty 3G website traffic.

What's up? Just how can I address this? Ideally without entailing my COMPUTER in the house due to the fact that I will certainly be taking a trip for the next couple of days ...

My specific actions :

  • touch on App Store
  • locate any kind of (free ) application, faucet on Install. Itunes shuts, I see a white placeholder application symbol classified Waiting..., and also I'm asked my iTunes password.
  • I enter the proper password and also faucet OK.
  • The white placeholder symbol is still Waiting... for a lengthy time.
  • After ~ 5min's the proper application symbol is show, yet still classified Waiting....
  • After in addition ~ 5min's there's a new popup with the message The Apple Id you entered Couldn't be found or was incorrect. Please try again. and also switches Cancel and also Retry.

Keep in mind : I've seen access like this one yet they are based upon working with a Macintosh. I'm at job so I wish for a mobile remedy.

2019-05-07 14:39:19
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This could have been some sort of blackout in the App Store, due to the fact that it functions currently, adhering to the specific very same actions with the specific very same problems (area, network, etc).

2019-05-09 10:16:52