Offline iPhone application to identify Japanese words

I am seeking an offline iPhone application to identify Japanese words :

  1. I take an image of a kanji or Japanese word or brief item of Japanese message
  2. The application identifies the kanji and also transforms it to message that I can replicate and also paste where I such as (as an example in a thesaurus )

Note : Several such application rely upon the weocr internet solution. Yet I am seeking an offline application, that can be made use of without attaching to the Internet (as an example in the metro ). Sharp phones are great at OCR, and also they do not require to access the net to identify kanjis.

2019-05-07 14:40:26
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Just found this application now while looking for the specific very same point you are.

Have not examined it out yet, so it could be a load of crap ...

But you need to examine it out anyway.
Japan Goggles Translates Japanese Characters Quickly and Easily

2019-05-19 10:15:28

If it does not require to be OCR from an image, you can activate the Chinese handwriting (typical) 'key-board', and also attract it with your finger. This benefits personalities that coincide in hanzi and also kanji (which is most yet not all). After that you have message you can seek out in any kind of offline thesaurus, as an example, Kotoba.

2019-05-12 12:35:17

I do not assume any kind of presently exist, yet programmers can check into utilizing this : NHocr

2019-05-09 10:05:42