Decent sweat-resistant headphones with mic (ie, iPhone suitable )

Similar to this inquiry currently postured : Decent headphones with a Mic for Android and iPhone, I'm seeking a set of suitable sweat immune headphones that benefit exercising.

Initially I made use of the default headphones that featured my iPhone, yet as they splashed with sweat, one or the various other earbud would certainly stop operating momentarily ... at some point after several exercises, the 'phones simply passed away (I'm thinking it's the sweat, given that I have an additional set of the very same headphones from a comparable duration that function great )

I'm presently making use of these yet the trouble is they are showing the very same trouble as my initial earbuds and also I'm examining whether they'll at some point pass away.

So I'm seeking :

  1. A stereo headset with microphone so I can address telephone calls and also do voice regulates
  2. Ones that are made to be sweat immune and also sturdy
  3. (Preferably ) bluetooth so I can place my phone in my pannier or on the treadmill rack.

Any person with pointers?

2019-05-07 14:46:22
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When I remained in the Apple store Liverpool a few days ago I saw some Sennheiser/Adidas ones, the CX680i, which resemble they would certainly fit your needs flawlessly.

2019-12-01 20:21:14

I make use of the default Blackberry wired headset which I hop on Amazon.

I use them just when I ride my bike to chat on the phone (call family members on the 2 hr bike flight to function, its a great time to talk heading residence) or pay attention to podcasts.

While they might not be sweat immune, they are economical. I acquire them on Amazon for $2.85 a set and also the sound terminating appears to be respectable, considering I usually chat while riding a bike in website traffic and also wind.

I have had one mike die as a result of sweat, yet or else, they appear to last sensibly well. And also I sweat copiously, alas.

I enjoy the solitary click to silence, hold to go down the call, and also hold to turn on voice calling on my Blackberry. Currently to identify just how to get the BB voice dialer to call using Google Voice so I can call my moms and dads in Canada without cross country costs from the United States.

2019-05-09 10:22:32

I have actually been making use of Motorola MOTOROKR S9 BT Stereo Headphones really efficiently (outdoors, health club) for previous 1.5 years. All 3 of your factors fit to the T. They are a little bit pricey yet the experience & use deserves it. The link I have actually uploaded is the HD (High Def) variation, you might not require that. You might additionally intend to examine bargains on Amazon, they generally have far better rate.

PS : See if you can attempt it on first. It fits perfectly on my structure yet I've heard they're not constantly as comfy on others.

2019-05-09 10:22:06

Could you possibly get swimmers headphones (entirely water immune) and also an earphone - microphone adapter. Would certainly set you back greater than the non reusable blackberry strategy yet be far better for the setting.

2019-05-09 10:20:17