Is my iPhone disloyalty me with information use? Just how can I examine it?

I reset my information use on my iPhone after asking this question, so at 28th of July. Ever since I was utilizing my phone regularly, seeing YouTube, chatting on Skype (both voice and also message ), downloading and install video games from the App Store, making use of Facebook (consisting of posting video clips and also photos ) and also ultimately sending out e-mails with add-ons (photos, each image around 1MB ).

After 6 days of utilizing my phone intensively, I examined information use. It reveals ... 411KB sent out and also 2,3 MEGABYTES obtained.

I recognize it is wrong - yet just how can I examine actual use?

2019-05-07 14:49:16
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Were you on wifi? I assume the use just tracks 3G. If you are seeking your 3G just information, attempt ATT's account application. It will certainly inform you specifically what your information use is according to your ATT account.

2019-05-09 10:38:03