How can I integrate old notes with an e-mail account on the iPhone?

I had thousands of notes on my iPhone prior to I updated to OS 4.0. Currently there is the new attribute which permits me to sync the notes with an e-mail account. I included my e-mail account, yet as opposed to sync every one of my existing notes, it developed a new folder in the Notes application.

Just how can I move notes from my old folder "On My iPhone" to my new one that is synced to an e-mail account.

I'm seeking a method which does not call for syncing to the computer system, when possible.

2019-05-07 14:53:50
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Syncing the notes to your computer system, after that relocating the notes to your email notes and also allowing it sync back to the phone would certainly be the most convenient.

Without syncing you can email each note to on your own by clicking the envelope symbol at the end of each note. After that transform it right into a note in your email account, certainly this would certainly take a long period of time yet you would not need to sync with your computer system.

2019-05-09 10:24:32