iPhone back to OS3 : What occurs with application information?

I have actually updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4, today intend to return to OS 3.1.3 that it had in the past. There are a lot of guidelines on just how to do this, yet what occurs with the information saved on the iPhone?

I do not suggest the information that is generally synch' ed with iTunes. I have numerous applications that simply store details I have actually gotten in, without function to sync it or move it to a COMPUTER or comparable. A straightforward instance would certainly be the conserved ratings of a mounted video game.

If I would certainly need to re-install the iPhone, I can recover a back-up which would certainly include the information, yet when returning to OS3, I can not make use of a back-up given that it would certainly recover iOS4 additionally.

Will the mounted applications and also their information still exist after re-installing OS3?
Otherwise, exists any kind of means to maintain the information?

2019-05-07 15:01:10
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Restoring firmware and also recovering setups are 2 various points. You can recover to a supply variation of the 3.1.3 firmware after that when iTunes asks you to set up your tool, you can select which setups photo you intend to support from.

Or select the iPhone under "Devices" in iTunes >> appropriate [or CTRL ] click it >> Restore from Backup. Need to function.

2019-05-09 10:20:07