When does Safari on iPhone transform the message dimension when the alignment adjustments?

I've seen that when I am surfing a website in Safari on the iPhone and also transform the alignment from picture to landscape, occasionally the message dimension and/or covering adjustments.

As an example, in picture there might be 10 words level, yet when I transform it sidewards the message dimension adjustments and also there are possibly 8 or 12 words on that particular line. Generally when I transform it back to picture once more it remains at that number as opposed to returning to 10.

I do not bear in mind any kind of details instances off-hand yet they were simply normal websites (not mobile variations ). Text seemed in a dealt with column, it had not been simply covering to the whole window size.

Can any person make clear in what means this is transformed or established?

[additionally, I could not create 'safari' or 'zoom' tags ]

2019-05-07 15:02:20
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Here's an estimate:

The website you're most likely watching has what is called a liquid-layout, which suggests that the web content will certainly infect load it's container. So when you're revolving the phone, the viewport size is transforming from the narrower picture size to the a lot longer landscape size. So the message itself could not be transforming dimension, the page is simply adjusting to fit it's new window dimension.

The good news is the above link additionally has a fluid - format, so you can see this at work. Take the window on your computer system and also reduce it's size. You'll see that the message will certainly change around to fit it's new container dimension. So it's the website (even more especially the CSS) which determins just how the message covers.

tl :dr

CSS did it.

2019-05-09 10:23:45