Ways for customer to include web page ID in question?

I'm no specialist on internet growth, and also require to locate a means to allow the internet browser call a PHP regimen on the web server with the existing record ID as parameter, eg.


I after that require to call eg./ change.php with id= 1 to do something concerning that record.

Unless I'm incorrect, there are 3 means for the customer to return this details :

  • if passed as argument in the URL (as above ), it will certainly be readily available as HTTP referrer
  • by including it as surprise area in
  • by sending it as cookie

I intend making use of a surprise area is one of the most noticeable selection. Exist various other means? Which remedy would certainly you advise? Any kind of protection concerns to be mindful?


Modify : I required a means for the customer to find out several of the details returned by the web server, such as the record ID. Evidently, properly to address my trouble is by transforming the server-side code to make sure that this details is consisted of in hyperlinks/forms consisted of in the HTML web page.

2019-05-07 15:04:48
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Seems to me the deportment of the modern-day internet is currently completely activity to link - as - debates.

http://www.acme.com/page1, http://www.acme.com/page2

http://www.acme.com/page/1, http://www.acme.com/page/2

Mod - revise can get you there. (Eventually)

2019-05-09 10:41:21