How does google take care of 2 img tags to various photos with the very same web content and also various alt tags

On the internet site I am working with I have a couple of hundred item web pages. Several of the items look the same and also I declare we currently have the very same photos with various alt tags and also various resource documents. As an example we have

<img src="/Images/Product1.jpg" alt="Product 1" /> 
<img src="/Images/Product2.jpg" alt="Product 2" /> 
<img src="/Images/Product1.jpg" alt="1 Product" />

In this instance Product1.jpg and also Product2.jpg would certainly have the very same photo in them.

Exists any kind of actual concern with this regarding SEO goes, is it rather small, or is something I should be worried about dealing with?

2019-05-07 15:06:17
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I assume it's attractive small. I am presuming that Google accumulations the numerous alt and also title features somehow.

If you intend to give actual quality to the internet search engine, look into my answer in "How do I get Images for my site to Return in Google Searches?"

In short, add an Image SiteMap.

2019-05-09 10:43:25

If the context of the photos is various-- one photo is bordered by a paragraph reviewing x while the very same photo made use of a 2nd time is bordered by a paragraph reviewing y -- my understanding is that the photo will certainly be indexed two times, and also returned in outcomes for questions on either of the topics in the context of x or y .

Additionally, you can constantly post this as a question for Google's Matt Cutts.

2019-05-09 10:37:33