Analogue of Cartan theory A in algebraic geometry

Before beginning algebraic geometry, I obtained some understanding of Compact Riemann Surfaces which is essentially strenuous; and afterwards I participated in a number of talks on analytic geometry. I did not fairly totally realize the analytic geometry carefully; yet it embeded my mind and also this previous experiences aided me substantially when finding out algebraic geometry. Nonetheless I am unable to visualize what would certainly be the specific analogue of Cartan's Theorem A for algebraic selections over an area. There is the wikipedia write-up :'s _ theorems_A_and_B

which informs me the specific analogue of Cartan Theorem B in guide of Hartshorne. And also without a doubt it is actually similar. Yet it does not state Theorem A. Note that below I am limiting the scenario to selections out of anxiety of any kind of pathologies systems could have.

2019-05-07 15:07:39
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Over an affine system any kind of seemingly - systematic sheaf is created by its international areas, so I presume Theorem A is constantly real.

2019-05-09 10:53:45