Just how to identify which among the specified typeface was made use of in a website?

Intend I have the adhering to CSS regulation in my web page:

body {
    font-family: Calibri, Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Just how can I identify which among the specified fonts was made use of in the customer's browser?

Modify for individuals asking yourself why I intend to do this: The typeface I'm identifying has glyph's that are not readily available in various other fonts and also when the customer does not have the typeface I intend to display a link asking the customer to download and install that typeface so they can utilize my internet application with the proper typeface.

Presently I am presenting the download typeface link for all customers, I intend to just display this for individuals that do not have the proper typeface mounted.

2019-05-03 18:24:44
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I've seen it carried out in a sort of doubtful, yet rather trusted means. Primarily, a component is readied to make use of a details typeface and also a string is readied to that component. If the font set for the component does not exist, it takes the typeface of the moms and dad component. So, what they do is gauge the size of the provided string. If it matches what they anticipated for the wanted typeface in contrast to the acquired typeface, it's existing. This will not benefit monospaced fonts.

Below's where it originated from : Javascript/CSS Font Detector (ajaxian.com; 12 Mar 2007)

2019-05-07 16:36:22