Are * all * things restricted to a particular number per video game in Wasteland?

My first intro to RPG pc gaming was Wasteland on my old Commodore 64. Most of the things that are key to the plot (i.e. servo electric motors) just show up in a minimal number throughout the video game. Nonetheless, I've constantly asked yourself if probably all things can be restricted to a details number per video game. Below's why I ask ...

I faced a scenario as soon as when my video game went stale and also I could not proceed with the plot (I possibly did something negative with among minority servo electric motors in the video game). Therefore I was straying around for an extensive amount of time taking another look at every area I can to attempt and also relocate the tale onward. I started to see that ammo for all my tools was going out at most of the stores, and also adversaries appeared to be dropping it much less regularly, as if there was a minimal supply of it.

Does any person recognize if all things could be restricted to an outright number per video game? Have you experienced the very same point, or probably procured a peek at the resource code or have a few other details concerning the schedule of things in the video game?

2019-05-04 04:55:39
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As much as I recognize, just ammunition is minimal - - yet you can most definitely get to a factor where the stores run out out of 7.62 mm, 9mm and also.45.

2019-05-08 05:19:20