Is Internet tethering feasible on Android phone using bluetooth or WiFi?

I have a HTC Desire and also make use of various Wifi connect with it, yet I do not have mobile net accessibility. My laptop computer is usualy attached using a mobile modem. Exists a means to share the laptop computer's net accessibility using Wifi or Bluetooth?

2019-05-03 18:25:44
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These steps only work on Windows 7, which permits you to set up a Wireless Hosted Network.

To do so, the most convenient means is to install either Virtual Router or Connectify

These programs will certainly set up your computer system to travel through the wifi link

Then on the Android tool :

  • Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi Settings
  • Open Advance setups food selection
  • Tick the Use fixed IP alternative
  • Enter your wanted IP address (ex-spouse : ) right into Ip Address area
  • Enter your IPV4 Address (ex-spouse. ) right into Gateway area
  • Enter right into Netmask area
  • Enter your net link's DNS web server (usage ipconfig/ all command to get DNS details ) right into DNS 1 and also DNS 2. As a choice, you can make use of Google Public DNS : and also
  • Connect to Wi-Fi utilizing your password
  • Disable and also Enable Wi-Fi (in instance if it will not connect )
  • Check the link making use of internet browser or various other application.

Visit the site for more details!

2019-05-07 18:25:40