Slow-moving transfer in between iMac and also Macbook Pro

I've lately acquired a new Macbook Pro, and also am trying to replicate documents over my LAN from an iMac (both running Snow Leopard). I have concerning 100GB of information to move, and also am searching for I'm obtaining unbelievably slow-moving transfer rates. As an example, an 86MB documents is taking around 7 mins.

If I move this documents from either the iMac or the Macbook Pro to a HP laptop computer running Windows 7, it takes around 60 secs. Additionally, if I launch the transfer of the documents in between the iMac and also Macbook Pro on the HP (making use of Windows Explorer to move from iMac to Macbook), it additionally takes about 60 secs.

Can any person supply any kind of pointers regarding why the documents transfers, when launched from the Macbook or iMac making use of Finder, would certainly be so slow-moving? I'm not really experienced with OSX yet, so please be mild with me :-)

2019-05-04 05:07:41
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when you are informing LAN you suggest cord or wireless?

When you attempt to move documents from iMac to macbook professional, what time moving?

additionally. it's not feasible to replicate information much faster than the maximum read or write rate of the disk drives. The majority of disk drives are mosting likely to have a maximum maintained transfer price of possibly 45-50 MB/sec (some might market around 80 MB/sec this thinks entirely adjoining information. Toss some randomized head-seek time in there which will promptly weaken to concerning fifty percent of limit academic rate.

Over 100 BaseT (100 Mbps ethernet ) after that the network would certainly come to be the new traffic jam and also it would certainly not be feasible to get a transfer much faster than 10 MB/sec (and also more probable 9 ). If you're doing cordless. If it's cordless G after that limit academic rate is 54Mbps (5.4 MB/sec ) BUT ... it's half-duplex. You would certainly be fortunate to get 4 MB/sec.

Additionally what king of router do you have?

Perhaps continual website traffic can collapsing the economical router ... So

as resume : Use Fireware800 or fireware400 wire to make this transfer as pain-free as feasible

2019-05-07 19:58:28

To move using FireWire, switch off among the Macs, after that when powering it on hold down the 'T' key. This will certainly place the computer system in Target Disk Mode and also make that computer system's disk readily available to the various other computer system. You can after that simply drag and also go down in between both drives on the various other computer system.

If you connect the wire when both computer systems are powered on, your Macs will certainly treat it like a network, assign themselves IP addresses, and also make use of Bonjour to relay their sharing solutions. You will certainly have the ability to connect using AFP/SMB/etc, yet this arrangement beats the objective of the firewire wire - you can simply get a cat5e or cat6 ethernet wire and also make the very same link, and also it would certainly be much faster than Firewire in this instance (thinking both Macs have gigabit ethernet ports )

2019-05-07 19:56:07

I acquired a new router today (as it has actually been offering me troubles ), and also this examination documents is currently taking about 5 secs to replicate. So it was, as I believed, a trouble with the router nevertheless. Many thanks to all for the pointers, and also details pertaining to FireWire documents transfer (which however I could not do, as the salesman offered me the wrong details pertaining to the sort of wire to acquire ).

2019-05-07 19:18:20