What is the strategy for reliable rocket leaping?

Rocket leaping appears to be among one of the most vital strategies in the Soldier's collection. Just how is a "excellent" rocket dive executed?

2019-05-04 05:31:43
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As Arda Xi stated, if you are bending when the rocket takes off, you will certainly go higher. In many cases, it's ideal not to crouch when leaping, like when you do not intend to over - shoot your target, or to stay clear of loss damages.

It takes a while to get the moment down in between leaping and also firing ; there's type of a pleasant - place. The arrangement stage is a blast to exercise rocket - leaping.

2019-05-08 07:58:28

You crouch-jump, and also fire a rocket at your feet.

See to it you're regarding feasible from the ground the minute the rocket strikes the ground to see to it you're not harmed way too much. The tail end could take some practising.

Incidentally, Valve has actually consisted of a training tool in the video game called the Rocket Jumper. With it, you get two times the ammunition and also no self-inflicted damages. It's not valuable out in the area, actually. It can be crafted or acquired in the Mann-Co store for $0.49/ ₤ 0.29/ EUR0.49.

(Powerlord stated this in the remarks to the inquiry over )

2019-05-07 20:08:03